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"I don’t own any vinyl so for the first record to be my own makes me feel absolutely fantastic. I’ve got plenty of digital downloads so that’ll just go on the heap but imagine if you could only own anything by making one yourself? Hello? Anyway, it’s a bloody good show that I’m chuffed was recorded at the superlative Monkey Barrel Comedy in the final throes of the Edinburgh Fringe and thankfully not in Corby, Wolverhampton or Darlington and Norwich. May it gather dust in your (500 to break even) collections and be played for my weeping Great-Great-Great Grandchildren on an episode of Repair Shop in 2110.”


"There is something about going through Monkey Barrel's thick velvet curtain and performing in front of its classic brick wall that makes you feel like a real stand-up comic. In the years past, I saw some of my favourite Edinburgh Fringe shows at Monkey Barrel, so when I was lucky enough to join their ranks in the summer of 2019, it was truly a dream come true. I am extremely proud of this show, a show that would not have been possible without my wonderful director Charlie Dinkin, the incredibly supportive Berk's Nest, and of course, Monkey Barrel. Selfishly, I am so excited to have my show performed at my favourite venue immortalised in my favourite medium (the sound is just warmer on vinyl, man). However, I sincerely hope you take a chance on it (or choose the safer and more capable hands of John Kearns or Ari Eldjárn!) whether to hear my jokes or simply the electric atmosphere of the best comedy club in the world."

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"In 2017 I walked into Monkey Barrel for the first time, to do my first English show in Edinburgh. Just before stepping on stage I asked a member of the staff numerous questions about the venue and whether some of my references would be understood. He replied with a thick Scottish accent: "Ah, you'll be fine” and pushed me on stage. This pretty much sums up the can-do attitude of everyone involved in the club during the hectic period that is the Fringe. This show was my second outing at the Fringe and at Monkey Barrel, and was the fruit of a month-long labour where everyone pitched in in some way, be it audience members or tech personnel. I am extremely glad to be part of this venture into the land of vinyl."


“I’ve wanted to make a comedy album for aaaaages, and finally a worldwide pandemic has given me the distraction free time to get it done. It Is Better has been conceived, written and recorded for the medium. I’ve tried to make a show to be listened to, maybe with a glass of whisky (or alternative) by a roaring fire while civilisation collapses outside the window. The show was recorded in the studio of the composer John Chambers, who has also written music specially for the piece (beautiful music, I should add). The front cover has a massive photograph taken by Natasha Pszenicki, who is my number one go to photographer for beautiful yet daft things.”

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